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Gili Forshmit

Gili Forshmit is the creative force behind her brand

of fine handcrafted jewellery.

She has been designing and creating jewels for as long as she can remember. At first it was dried leaves and bottle caps that were glued together as a child . As time passed, her passion evolved into metalsmithing.

Gili graduated Industrial Design studies in Jerusalem. Then she continued on to pursue her dream - studied Goldsmithing, and graduated with honors.
For more than a decade now, she works from her own studio, designing and manufacturing everything herself. 
Each piece is handmade with meticulous craftsmanship, using traditional goldsmithing techniques.

Gili uses only responsibly sourced gemstones and diamonds and high karat gold.


"I believe that people respond to jewelry and artwork on a level that exceeds aesthetic appreciation. Jewelry has an emotional value and significance. When your work is motivated by mindfulness and meaning, it radiates its inner beauty, resulting in a unique piece of jewelery that is exciting to wear.  I aim to create pieces which will be cherished forever".

18K Gold Plated Jewelry
Handcrafted Fine Jewelry
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