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Accessibility statement

The accessibility statement was updated on 12.29.22

Accessibility statement, design and manufacture of handmade jewelry sets itself the goal of allowing the entire population, including people with one or another disability, full accessibility to the website and its contents. The company believes in equal rights and equal opportunities to derive the same benefit from the website's content and therefore works to promote the accessibility of Israeli websites and make them suitable for the entire population in Israel, according to the accessibility law and regulations.

Site accessibility
The site's accessibility is carried out in accordance with the Israeli standard for accessibility 5568 and the guidelines of the international standardization body W3C to level AA.

Where is accessibility activated on the website?

In the bottom right corner of the website "Accessibility" button is found. When clicking on this button, a menu will open that offers the surfer the variety of types of accessibility possible on the site. After selecting the desired type of accessibility, and clicking on it, the website will load in the accessible mode. To stop access, click on "Cancel Access" which also appears in the menu.

Major adjustments
Changing color contrast based on a dark and/or light background. Adaptation of the site for the color blind.
Allowing navigation by the keyboard

Website content:
● The accessibility of the photos on the site
● Accessibility of menus on the website
● Increasing the font to several different sizes
● Adjusting the site for assistive technologies
● Accessibility statement

User feedback
The team of Ornamento Jewelry strives to give all its customers the best service. If during surfing you still encountered a limitation that interfered with surfing or prevented it completely, we would be happy to hear about it!
Please let us know using the "Contact Us" form.
The site was tested with an NVDA type screen reader and is optimized for browsing in common browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge)

Details of the accessibility coordinator in the company
For more information on the subject, you can contact the accessibility coordinator at the company -
Gili Furshmit Phone: +972 54-455-4005

Phone: +972-3-3019090

Your feedback will help us make improvements.

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